Intentional choices can lead to radical transformation.

So at Amberwing Apothecary, we connect you with a wealth of holistic knowledge so you can look, feel and choose better.

We won’t leave you wondering why you should care about specific ingredients or how to read a label. Our goal is to give you all the knowledge to take back your health, become your own advocate, and live a life that feels good - mind, body, and soul.

Our multi-faceted approach combines education, high-quality products sourced from small businesses, and a heart-centered purpose. These values drive every decision we make, every product we source, and every connection we create.

We are so proud to offer a selection of raw yet refined products that allow you to stress less and live more.

Every choice we’ve made has been intentional so you can shop with ease knowing we’ve kept your wellness in mind.

Meet the founder, Tiffany.

Sunseeker. Passionate educator. Holistic Wellness enthusiast.

"I’m here to help you thrive, not just survive." After years of battling health issues, Tiffany was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She was relieved to have a name for what she was experiencing finally, but it didn’t solve the deeper issues. Traditional doctors tried to help, but medications weren’t working, and she couldn’t find the answers she was looking for. So her journey with holistic medicine and organic living began. Tiffany spent years educating, experimenting and implementing holistic wellness practices in an effort to manage her chronic illness. She quickly learned how important overall health and wellness were to reducing symptoms and began feeling better than she ever had. This ignited a spark in her to share this knowledge and help others stop feeling eternally rundown and put their health back into their own hands. Her experience changed her life, and now she’s ready to change yours with Amberwing Apothecary.

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