Blue Cypress & Coconut - Natural Deodorant

Pilgrim's Blue Cyprus and Coconut deodorant is a gentle yet effective vegan deodorant that neutralizes odor with the pleasant aroma of blue Cyprus, bergamot and coconut.

During the trial and error phase of creating this product several wearers reported people wanting to know what they were wearing because the subtle aroma of wood was so intoxicating people wanted to sniff their armpits.

How do natural deodorants work?

A non-aluminum magnesium is used that absorbs and neutralizes odors. If you are sensitive to magnesium please consult with a physician prior to using.

Magnesium is a gentle alternative to aluminum deodorants which are effective at blocking odor but can create unpleasant rashes.
-100% Vegan and cruelty free
-Biodegradable packaging
-Baking soda and aluminum free

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