Simplicity Candle Palo Santo & Cypress

Palo Santo is known to help cleanse spaces of negative energy.

We are obsessed with our interpretation of the "holy wood". Notes of citrus, cypress, and sage round the edges of this earthy blend making for calming and grounding experience. 

Proudly made in our Hanover, VA studio in recyclable glass jars, using only 100% pure soy wax, lead free cotton wicks, and fine fragrances with essential oil infusions.

7.5 oz | single wick | perfect for smaller spaces like kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms

13.25 oz | double wick | ideal for more open floor plans and spaces like living rooms and dens

Start each burn by trimming wick to 1/4" and making sure the wax is free of dust and debris. Every burn should last until the wax has pooled to the edge of the vessel. Doing so extends the life of your candle and promotes even melting.

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