Lather Liquid Hand & Body Soap

Naked Goat's signature liquid soap formula collides with Apothec's house fragrance collection. 

Each batch of the liquid soap starts with a scratch-made, plant powdered blend of seven cold pressed oils, warmed for seven days and then transformed into the silkiest, smoothest, most gentle soap. 

Unlike other castille blends (which tend to be watery) we add a natural thickener derived from pine and spruce trees to create a more sudsy and gel-like consistency. Not only does our formula feel heavenly, a little goes a long way. 

Tip: Use with a loofah for even richer lather.

Scent Profiles: 

Peppered Geranium

A deep floral accord peppered with heady spice and alluring lavender. Geranium lays enslaved by briery herbals as their sultry song echos through dark woods

Vetiver Tangerine

A lucious accord flows through ripe tangerine while woody vetiver takes root and offers passage across succulent pools

Balsam Myrrh (formerly Blessings) 

An ethereal accord with a rich, sweet-herbaceous body grounded by an earthy warm, resinous finish

Eucalyptus Tansy

An invigorating accord with a whips of sage smoke, sun warmed lavender, soft and sweet blue tansy that is woven into a veil of eucalyptus


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