On The Hillside Candle Collection

On the Hillside includes three double-wicked candles poured into reusable rocks glasses. Each 10 ounce candle is packaged in a reusable cotton bag and tucked into a recyclable kraft box (perfect for gifting). 

 Lavender & Cedar 

Windows are open and the curtains blow gently in the morning breeze.

Virginia Cedarwood drifts from the hillside picking up notes of fresh Lavender, Citrus and a warming touch of Ginger. 

Rosemary & Sage

Early afternoons spent at the garden's edge are filled with nature's signature scent. Fir Needle, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Sage create an herbal wonderland full of possibility and daydreams. 

Vines & Leaves 

An melody of basil, crushed mint leaves and lemon zest fade into vines heavy with the most delicious heirloom tomatoes. An herbaceous scent story of Summer nights spent gazing into star-filled skies. 

Our candles are made with pure soy, cotton wicks, natural fragrances and essential oils for a clean, long lasting burn. 


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