Better Than Botox Magic Roller

The most potent Bee Venom Product yet!

Our Ethically Sourced Bee Venom products work like a Non-invasive Botox or Filler, all while generating a level of collagen comparable to a Microneedling Treatment! This Venom Roller is perfect to spot treat deeper lines, 11’s, crow’s feet, etc. Simply roll the formula on areas in need of extra attention and allow the Venom to plump, firm & tighten the skin, diminishing lines before your eyes. Cucumber & Chamomile Hydrosols provide powerful calming properties to sensitive areas & the most soothing natural aroma. Rich in Antioxidants, Pearl Amino Acids help collagen regenerate itself, which supports less prominent lines & glowing healthy skin. Wild Orchid Milk Extract acts as an antioxidant and humectant that moisturizes, soothes & conditions our skin, finishing this beautiful product off with perfection.

*Do Not Use This Product If You Are Allergic To Bees*

Organic Ingredients: Ethically Sourced Bee Venom, Cucumber Hydrosol, Chamomile Hydrosol, Wild Orchid Milk Extract, Pearl Amino Acids, Palm-oil Free Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Lactobacillus Probiotic & USDA Certified Organic Preservative 

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